Dodging the Devastating Dangers of DUI in Texas

If you are a young adult Texan who just turned 18, you will probably be looking to have and drive around your own car. If you are having second thoughts about getting a driver’s license, this is going to be news for you. Someone is killed in a DUI related crash every thirty minutes in the United States and every five minutes, someone is injured for the same reason. In spite of the gains that road safety regulations have made in reducing the number of car crashes that are a direct result to driving while intoxicated, about half of the deaths that happen on the road usually involves alcohol.

Apart from knowing the consequences of DUI, driving safely, also means knowing the law and the rules while sitting behind the wheel of your car. Keeping all this in mind and also the fact that new drivers need to have a six hour driver ed course as a prerequisite for getting a drivers license is the two main reasons why you should get enrolled in a 6-hour drivers ed course in the first place.

Having a clear understanding of the law before they start driving is essential and various online driving courses are available for first timers to gain some street-cred before they can actually get their hands on a wheel while taking the test for a driver’s license. The best part about these driving courses that are available online, such as, etc is that they are approved by the state of Texas and as well as the TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation).

Having a certificate that has been approved by the two aforementioned governing bodies means that if ever you get a ticket while driving, having a proof of completing a 6 hour driving course will enable you to have that ticket removed from your driving record.

Know the rules:

Taking an online course is also a good way for young teenagers to educate themselves on driving safety, and knowing the various traffic signs and keep themselves away from disobeying the rules and committing traffic violations, such as,

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Improper passing
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Trying to drag race on a public highway
  • DUI

While taking an online cheap adult drivers ed, first time drivers can get themselves acquainted with all the rules and regulations by a total of six units that cover all the main topics on driving safety, from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to driving your car during bad weather and minimum visibility.

Multiple choice quizzes after each module makes sure the student remembers what they have been thought and interactive videos make the learning process a lot easier and convenient. Another benefit of taking the drivers course is that most insurance carriers often offer discounts on their insurance premiums to the drivers who have successfully completed a driving safety course. The other benefit of taking an online drivers course is that it will just make you a better driver, whether you are a beginner or have been driving for a while.