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Great! Even ages 25 to 65 can take this course. If you complete this course successfully, no need to take written test in DPS. Click the Register button to get started!

Texas TDLR Approved Statewide

Our course is approved by the Texas TDLR across the state of Texas. (Includes All cities & counties in Texas!)

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Complete the course and get your course completion certificate in your email within 1 hour. Take a print out and bring it with you when you come to the DPS. Your printed certificate will be accepted by all DPS across Texas! No need to wait 5 or 10 business days anymore to get your certificate!

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If you fall in the ages of 18 and 24, you are required to complete a 6 hour driving course and must pass a written DPS exam. Luckily, you satisfy both the requirement online at
Our six hour course will consist of eight chapters, comprising of ten questions present at the end of the chapter respectively. Attempts to pass the quizzes are unlimited.
Attempt the final exam. You are required to score 70% in your final exam and you will be provided with unlimited attempts if you fail. No need to pay each time. You will pay only once for all tries.
After successful completion, proof of completion will be sent to your e-mail (No need to wait to get mail anymore!) Take a print out of it. Your printed certificate will be accepted by the all DPS in Texas!
Take the online Impact Texas Young Drivers course. This is a one hour online course that can be completed from the DPS website for free. Get proof of completion in e-mail as well.
You can now go to the nearest DPS office. Present the proof of completion for both the courses. (Please do not show the certificates from your phone since it will not be accepted)
All Permit and License students will be asked to take a mandatory vision and hearing test. If you have successfully completed our 6 hour course, you will be exempted from the written test in the DPS.
You have to consent to provide a signature and fingerprint at the time of application of your Drivers License. A photograph will also be taken at this point of time.
After that you are supposed to bring your car and pass the driving test. If you do not have a car, you can rent one from a driving school for a day. (Exclude this step if you want permit and not a license)
Get your Texas driver’s license. Remember, be a safe and smart driver on the road.
About 6 Hour Adult Drivers Ed Course

As of March 1, 2010, Lawmakers in the state of Texas made it obligatory for any person residing in the state between the age brackets of 18 to 24 who is willing to apply for the first time should finish the six hour TX adult driver's Ed course in order to obtain a Texas Driver's license.

Before this law was passed, Texas residents over the age of 18 were allowed to directly go to a DPS office and apply for a driver's permit or license without any additional training. Now since this 6 hour course training has become mandatory for unlicensed residents in the age bracket of 18-24, fulfillment of this driver education program has become a requirement.

What you will learn from this course?

Our online program for Texas driver's education which is solely for adults comprises of information on traffic laws, drug and alcohol awareness programs, highway rules and signs and about potential distractions such as usage of cell-phones while driving.

On completion of the online Texas adult driver's Ed program you would have automatically passed the DPS written test requirement. However you will be required to pass a hearing and vision test and demonstrate your driving skills under the supervision of a DPS certified driving instructor.

Are you 25+, then you can take this course too!

Our program is approved and recognized by the TDLR to provide it for ages 25 to 65, who can be residents [OR] out of state drivers [OR] foreign nationals who have never possessed a license. By taking our Texas Adult driver's education program, you need not take the knowledge exam in the DPS. You will also get to learn the necessary rules and laws required to drive in the state of Texas.

You are exempted from DPS written test!

The best part of our six hour adult driver's Ed course is that once you complete the program, you will automatically clear the requirement for taking a DPS written test. After completion of the course, we will send you certificate which is considered as a proof that you have completed the DPS written test requirement as well.

After receiving the certificate, hand over the certificate to the nearest DPS and acquire your learners permit or drivers license.