Importance of Having a Replacement License Card

A Texas Identification card is proof of your identity. Having a duplicate of this card can have various benefits, and especially for those people who do not have a driver’s license, having this card is extremely important. You can use it while you travel around Texas and are done with your daily activities.

Applying for a Duplicate Card

Having a duplicate driver license or ID card can save you from getting trapped in tight circumstances. After taking your driving class online and your card gets stolen or misplaced, then this duplicate of the original can come in handy. Even if it gets destroyed somehow, or there is certain information which you wish to change, then you should apply to have a duplicate card made for you.

Obtaining a duplicate card in Denton is not a difficult process. In fact, it can even be obtained online nowadays. If you change your name, or buy yourself a new home, then you should report this change to the DPS, within 30 days, since the change occurred. Most people confuse duplication with renewal. Remember, duplication is the act of making a copy of your original Identification card, while a card is renewed after it expires. An expired card is not duplicated; instead a new one is made in its place.

The fee charged for getting a license duplicated is $ 11, which is inclusive of the charges for the license as well as for the transaction made to obtain it. It is up to the person, whether he or she wants to make the transaction online or in person; in both cases the amount of fee that is charged, remains the same.

Duplicating In-State and Out-of-State Licenses

If you need to change your address or name, on either your driver license or Texas ID card, then you should do so by visiting the Texas driver license office. If you cannot visit, due to any reason, then you can apply online or mail them the application requesting the required changes. Once the driver license office in Texas receives the fee payment, necessary for the duplication of your card, they will begin the changes as required. After the new card has been issued, you will receive it in mail, along with the photo which was previously on your driver license.

However, if you want to make a duplicate of your Commercial driver license, then you must go to the office in person, only then you will be allowed to apply for it; whether you are in-state or out-of-state. For people who are owners of a Texas driver license but are out of state, the application procedure is a simple process. You can apply for it online or through mail, whereby, you would receive the duplicate card, once the necessary changes have been made.

Having a duplicate card can make your life much easier. If you were to lose the original, you can report it to the police, and get another one made through the duplicate card. It serves as proof of your identity and makes traveling around Texas convenient and easier.