Defensive Driving - Dos and Dont's of Driving in Texas

In order for you to be a responsible driver in the state of Texas, you must be aware of what is expected of you. While the general rules of responsible driving remain the same, like: Don’t use cell phone while driving, Don’t cross the speed limit, Don’t drink and drive, Don’t play the stereo of your car too loudly, etc. there are certain laws which have been introduced regarding certain driving offenses.

There are certain driving offenses which cannot be dismissed just by taking a defensive driving course and passing it with flying colors. For example, if you were to drive over the speed of 95 miles per hour, then even if you were to take a driving safety class, your ticket of conviction would not be dismissed, as stated under House Bill 586.

When it comes to school buses, House Bill 3190 becomes even stricter. Previously, if a school bus driver was convicted of a felony or manslaughter, then he or she would be barred from being a school bus driver for 10 years. But later on an Omnibus school bus law was introduced.

This law states that students must remain in their seats while the bus is on the move and restricts schools from adding additional seats within the buses to increase their capacity of transporting students. Every seat must consists of lay and shoulder seat belts, to increase the level of security for the students traveling in it.


Moving on to some of the general requirements for being a responsible driver,

  • You must check your vehicle to ensure that it is operating and functioning properly. Make sure that the seat belts are in working order. Also keep a track of its maintenance and working capability, by checking and re checking the gears and breaks, thereby, making sure that neither one would fail you while you are on the road.
  • Before you place your child in your car seats, make sure that they have been tested for child safety.
  • Make sure to enroll in Texas driving safety course, if you have committed an offense. Getting educated regarding the matter can greatly benefit you and improve your driving skills.
  • Always make sure to keep an emergency roadside kit, as a safety measure against uncertain circumstances, and make sure that the tools in your vehicle are properly maintained.
  • Always have a spare tire and jack in your vehicle. Also, keep a map in your motor vehicle at all times, along with the number of a tow service.

Following are some of the general things you should avoid in Texas.

  • Don’t try to take over and pass other cars in heavy traffic areas; this may result in unwanted accidents.
  • Do not get distracted, and take your eyes away from the road while you are driving. Try not to engage in any other activity, like eating, or drinking, as it would make you unfocused and may lead to unwanted results.
  • Do not ignore any driving tickets you have received for inappropriate driving.
  • Do not engage in racing with other vehicles and showing off the speed of your car.

Now you are fully aware of what is expected of you while you drive, so try to keep a clean driving record.