Required 6 Hour Driving Course for

Texas Adult Drivers of Ages 18 - 24

  • Texas Department of Licensing Approved Course
  • No Written Tests Required to take at the DPS!
  • Receive Certificate of Completion by E-Mail
  • Take from iPhone, iPad and Android Devices
  • 24/7 Customer Support to Help You Anytime

Great! Even ages 25 to 65 can take this course. If you complete this course successfully, no need to take written test in DPS. Click the Register button to get started!

TDLR Approved Course

This online 6 hour driving course is approved statewide by the TDLR, so it meets all the requisites for drivers of ages 18 and 24 to get their license.

No Written Test in DPS

This course is 100% online from start to finish. It includes all the requirements needed for a license, so you need not take a written exam at the DPS.

Free Certificate Delivery

Complete the course and get your certificate in your email within an hour for FREE. Take a print out and bring it to DPS. Your printed certificate will be accepted by the all DPS across Texas!

Your Information is Safe

Security of our students is utmost importance to us. That is why this website has the highest security standards you can expect from a leading course provider like us.

Texas 6 Hour Driving Course Online

Residents between the age bracket of 18 and 24 are required to take the adult drivers education course to obtain a driver's license. The duration of this course is six hours and is necessary for those who want to obtain their first driver's license in the state of Texas. Our program is approved by the TEA and TDLR - the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The best feature about taking your driver's education here is that we do not have a written test at the DPS! The final exam you take here is online and counts for the required DPS written test.

No Written Tests Required at the DPS!

The best part of taking our six hour course is that, you also pass the written DPS test requirement. All you have to do is simply pass our course and you will receive a certificate by E-mail that states your completion of the DPS written exam as well. After obtaining the certificate, you have to present the certificate in the local DPS office and acquire your license. Keep in mind that if you are acquiring a license for the first time then you are required to take a behind the wheel exam.

Mandatory Course at a Comfort Phase

In only six hours you will complete our exciting and lively Texas adult driver's Ed course. You have the freedom to create your own schedule with the aid of our software. You can finish the course from the comfort of your home or complete it from any possible mode that has an internet connection, whether you are at work or at home. How much easier can it be to acquire your first Texas driver's license?

Perfectly Matches Your Schedule

This Texas 6 Hour online driving course designed by us is the perfect for adults with busy schedules who do not have the time to sit in a classroom or those adults who cannot drive to DPS and take our written test. This also involves waiting in queues at the TX DPS for more than an hour while waiting for an available computer. Our online exam eradicates the need to be at the local DPS.

Obtaining this valuable knowledge and insight before you get on the road will boost your confidence and driving experience. Our course is also available now in Spanish version.

Designed to Make You a Complete Driver

There are many other courses out there, but none that will provide you the quality that we can. This course includes information regarding alcohol and drug awareness, highway signs, traffic regulations, common issues that are associated with motor-vehicle accidents, including impaired driving, risk taking, poor decision making, speed, distraction, failure to yield the right of-way, failure to use seat belts, using a wireless communication device and the traffic laws of the state.

Get Help Whenever You Need

If you have any questions about our Online Texas Adult Drivers Ed program or what the requirements are to get a license, our support staff is active 24/7 to fulfill any queries that you may have regarding the program, through the 6 hour online course or about the license process. Contact us via Phone, Chat or through E-mail.